Eggsploit: it gets better! (does it?)

Matiaz just released a PSP Slim version of his Eggsploit at the MForMature forums

On the same subject, here’s another piece of news, with a youtube video. The author of this video hasn’t been confirmed yet so please keep in mind that it could be a fake, but it seems to show early attempts at kernel access through this exploit, which could confirm this is going to lead to a HEN…

Now for the bad news: the eggsploit doesn’t work on PSP3000 models yet. This could actually be really bad news for PSP3000 owners. All investigation on slims and phats were done withPSPLink, which requires a CFW. As very few people know about kernel access on the PSP3000, all further investigation for this exploit on PSP3000 relies on a limited number of hackers (people who have kernel access on the PSP3000, probably…) :/

  1. new comer’s avatar

    Is that means
    It will never works on psp3000?


  2. wololo’s avatar

    I can’t tell yet, I don’t know :(


  3. new comer’s avatar

    Is this a kernel mode?
    for 88v3?


  4. dzqdzq’s avatar

    good job??
    thank you?


  5. Jeerum’s avatar

    davee confirmed Kernel mode exploit :)


  6. booboo’s avatar

    OmG ……. it works on my psp 3000…..but i’m using ofm 5.02,should i upgrade to ofw 5.03?????(it gets black screen and saaaying “this exploit works for fw 5.03….”wat could i do?????



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