PSP Hacking news

It’s been almost 3 month since I got my psp3000 and made an “offer” to give half of the donations received through Wagic to the group of hackers who would allow me to run wagic on the new PSP.

Lots of things have been going on in the “underground” world of the PSP in those 3 months. Datel’s new battery (and maxconsole’s disgusting lies), brokencode’s “out of the blue” cracking of the pre IPL thingy, fake downgrade announcements… In the end it seemed like all attempts were leading to a dead-end, and Dark_Alex’s silence on the issue in the last 3 months didn’t help.

A few days ago, I myself gave it a try through a libtiff vulnerability, and managed to get the attention of a few hackers and psp sites… but honestly I don’t see my crash thingy getting any further, especially since a far better proof of concept has been revealed by MaTiAz on, using a buffer overflow in the game GripShift (but I’ll keep trying with libtiff).

After all, it seems part of the money from the donations is going to be sent to an ebay seller :p

Whatever this proof of concept leads to, I think there is one important thing to remember : people should not rely on only one guy to help them with their unhackable PSPs. This is just unhealthy for the scene. I’m against the deification of hackers.

Libtiff Crash by me :)

Gripshift buffer overflow POC by MaTiAz

  1. Jeeruk’s avatar

    I get most good new from you wololo, can you tell, how you create this image file?


  2. wololo’s avatar

    Hi Jeeruk, I’ll try to make an update on this whole libtiff thing soon. For now, you can go to, where all the process is explained (and files to create the tiff are available there too)



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