A (very) nice screenshot

This is a screenshoot I took yesterday while working on the code.

I think it’s very interesting because you can see several new and/or cool features at a glance:

(click on the picture to see the real size)

So now you can either try to guess what’s new or read on :)

The most obvious I think is the cool theme. As you may or may not know, it does not require any single line of programming to tweak Wagic’s graphics, and I’m actually surprised we had to wait 3 months before someone came up with such a cool mod. I myself suck at design, so I’m always impressed when people create cool graphics. Many thanks to u0127907 for this mod, I hope this will give motivation for other people to create and share their own mods. You can download it on the forum

The second thing, less obvious, is the picture quality of the big card. Of course, this is the windows version, and there’s no way to achieve that on the PSP version, but what this technically means is that I’m working on removing the size limitations on cards pictures. This will allow people using the PC versions (Windows, Linux or Mac) to play fullscreen without having blurry cards. It will also allow people on the PSP to reduce the size of the pictures if they think it takes too much space on their memory stick. Currently, I think the size of the cards is 285*something, and reducing it to 255*… should divide the textures size (in RAM) by 2 without losing much picture quality.

The last thing is probably the one that will interest you as Magic/Wagic players: The actual name of the big card you see on the screen. Yes, it’s a wasp token, which means I more or less got tokens working in Wagic’s current SVN revision (the Hive is hidden behind the big Wasp card, tapped. For the purpose of the test, I set the mana cost of the hive to 0 and the tokens cost to 1). Icing on the cake, tokens are partially scriptable in _cards.dat, this is the code for the Hive :

auto={5},{T}:token(Wasp,creature artifact insect, 1/1,flying artifact)

Internally, Token objects inherit from the MTGCardInstance class, and a few specific dirty tricks are performed by the code when the token changes zone, or when creating the image name. I think using tokens in the current svn version creates a memory leak, but this will be fixed eventually.

Typical. Coding while I should be packing for my holiday, yay me !


  1. gdspsp’s avatar

    take a break willow!!

    you deserve it. the project will keep growing and we will always appreciate you effort.


  2. Elfo’s avatar

    Great, when tokens work right a bunch of new cards could be added…

    I hope more people develop themes, i’m not a big fan of wow myself, so I would like to see more ‘neutral’ cool themes

    Tks for the work =)


  3. NyghtcrawleR’s avatar

    I made a classic theme :)

    Look to make some more themes in the future.


  4. Shishio’s avatar

    Nice work with the tokens, bro!
    token(Wasp,creature artifact insect, 1/1,flying artifact)
    This breaks down to:
    token – signifies that a token will be made
    (Wasp – creates the name of the token or uses this instead of “id=”
    creature artifact insect – all subtypes?
    1/1 – n/m
    flying – ability
    artifact – ?Can’t figure out why it’s noted as artifact again…
    Am I close?


  5. wololo’s avatar

    Overall you’re correct.
    The second occurence of “artifact” is the color. In Wagic, Artifact is unfortunately both a subtype and a color, and both need to be set for an artifact to work correctly :/

    @NyghtcrawleR : thanks for the theme :)


  6. MageKing17’s avatar

    Artifact… is a color? For what reason do you need such a hackish method?

    Also, artifact is a type, not a subtype (Equipment is a subtype of artifact, but artifact is not a subtype).


  7. wololo’s avatar

    in Wagic’s code, there is no difference (yet) between types and subtypes. Note that this does not cause a huge problem since there is no subtype “artifact”, and the lists of “types” and “super” types are really limited and could be hardcoded somewhere if it ever becomes needed

    Artifact is a color in Wagic because I made a convenient confusion between “colorless” and “artifact” when I started coding. This is not a hack, only a wording issue. One word “artifact” stands for the “artifact” type, the other one is actually used instead of “colorless”.
    Wagic was initially built with the rules of the Revised edition, which made no real difference between “artifact” and “colorless”, which is why I mistakenly used the word “artifact” instead of “colorless”…

    Actually, most of the hacks come from the fact that I started coding with the rules of the revised edition (not the comp rules, but the 40 pages rules booklet…or rather…what I remembered from it). I am now slowly migrating the code to the latest rules, as we discover bugs…


  8. MageKing17’s avatar

    Ah, that explains everything. ;)


  9. LordBane999’s avatar

    Very well done Wololo, this homebrew you started is gaining speed quickly, and i like to add that despite the bugs there should just over 2000 working cards with your homebrew now, which is astounding because i don’t think even Magic Work Station (MWS) even had this many cards supported by it’s 3rd release.

    p.s. well not that important to me, do you think it may be possible to incorporate plainswalkers even if their a bit bugged? I was thinking about, and couldn’t you cheat their way in, by instead of using loyalty using the already use +/- counter abilities that you hard-coded? wouldn’t it be possible to just change the value tag each with their abilities, it wouldn’t be perfect but nothing ever is in a homebrew


  10. wololo’s avatar

    LordBane999 : Thanks !
    The attack mechanism needs to be updated/rewritten for me to even start considering coding Planeswalkers.



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