The Phase Ring (and why it matters to you)


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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2 Responses

  1. mtgrares says:

    “So I gave up on my “perfect design” idea and started coding dirty things.”

    Welcome to my world, lol. I do this ALOT with MTG Forge and even when I started working on version 2, I had a hard time starting because I wanted to make everything perfect.

  2. MageKing17 says:

    The Incantus project runs into a lot of problems resulting from the original design. ;)

    When Incantus started the project, he hadn’t played Magic since Legends, so a whole bunch of stuff was completely new to him… and a number of advanced rules concepts (LKI and layers, among others) weren’t known to him at all. Getting LKI (and that whole “cards become a new object every time they change zones” thing) working required substantial changes to a lot of the code, and we were still running into problems with it as recently as two weeks ago… and that’s no guarantee there’s no code leftover in some out-of-the-way file that doesn’t reference the right stuff to make LKI work.

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