Version 0.2.1 Released !

I’m happy to say that version 0.2.1 is now available for download. Thanks to all the beta testers who helped (a lot !) in finding bugs and (hopefully) making this release even better than version 0.2.0. I’ll try to release the sources later this weekend (gotta go to a party right now and I’m already late…)

There is quite an amount of changes in this new release, as you can see below. Overall the game should be more stable, as lots of memory leaks have been solved, and some critical bugs have been corrected. I was also expecting it to be faster, but unfortunately some of the features and checks that have been added add some slowness when there are a lot of cards on the screen. Hopefully I’ll find a way to solve that in next release.

Trample is now broken, oh well… you can find the complete list of known bugs here. I’ll also update this list in the days to come, with reports I got from the beta testers.

Here’s a small video showing a few AI vs AI games. Nothing fancy, as there’s not that much graphical changes since version 0.1.0 (but you’ve got to check the deck editor !)



  • Deck Editor easier to navigate (shows the number of occurences of a given card rather than all the occurences, cards sorted by alphabetical order, other improvements)
  • (bug fix) Less crashes in the Deck Editor and the shop (fixed some memory leaks and other bugs)
  • (AI) : The AI can now play cards that have hybrid mana in their cost
  • (AI): AI doesn’t hangs up at damage resolution step anymore
  • Spells that target stuff in the stack, such as lifeforce, Cancel, counterspell, etc… should now work !!
  • added around 30 new cards, including Relentless Rats, Icy manipulator, Boomerang
  • Cards navigation improved in the game
  • (internal) Test suite can now target objects in the stack
  • Added a new keyword for _cards.dat : draw
  • Improved some keywords for _cards.dat. Now some cards can have changing targets (to code abilities such as prodigal sorcerer)
  • Small improvements to the AI
  • You can display/hide the ingame big cards by pressing the triangle button

Rules Fixes

  • (bug fix) Legendary should now work
  • (bug fix) Persist should now half work
  • Added Flash (untested)
  • (bug fix) Summoning sickness fixed
  • (bug fix) An attacking creature with protection from … cannot be blocked by cards with the quality
  • Library cannot be seen anymore
  • A player that needs to draw but has no card in his/her library loses the game


Bugs where fixed on the following cards:

  • Animate Dead
  • Armageddon clock
  • Benalish Knight
  • Cancel
  • Castle
  • Counterspell
  • Force of Nature
  • Helm of Chtazuk
  • Hurkyll’s Recall
  • Hypnotic specter 10E
  • Kormus Bell, Living Lands (AI crash)
  • Kudzu
  • Lifeforce
  • Obelisk of Bant
  • Resurrection
  • Roc of Kher Ridges

Download here

As usual, this game has been extensively tested on my PSP, but if you find anything that prevents it from running correctly, please let me know. Especially, if you plan to talk about the release on a blog or a news website, please make sure the game works on your own psp before making any announcement, thanks :)

Also, make sure to check the forums, for extra contents kindly provided by the members (decks, new cards, avatars,…)

  1. abrasax’s avatar

    Great !!!!
    As a beta tester I can say that this release is much much more stable, and except some freeze in the shop be prepare to play without any crash.

    Also in the forum I will post the revised version of ICE AGE tonight (european time). This new release adds a lot of cards due to the new cards.dat coding possibilities.

    thanks for the hard work !



  2. Theredbaron’s avatar

    This is just awesome. I loved the first Magic game on the PSP, and that didn’t even have a deck builder or an AI. I can’t wait to try this out. This will become an immediate fav if it does anywhere near as good as it seems.


  3. Elfo’s avatar

    Thanks for the new version… I already found new bugs, going to report on forum now =)


  4. Incantus’s avatar

    Hey Wololo,

    Very nice job. I especially like the graphical effects. Unfortunately, i don’t have a PSP (or even Windows) so I can’t try this out. By the way, how are you implementing your AI? Are you using a search algorithm?



  5. wololo’s avatar

    Hi Incantus. I’ve discussed the AI a lot with lots of people, including some hard but realistic discussions on the incantus channel on IRC ;)
    There is no search algorithm in the AI. It is a lot of very basic computations such as “what is the total power of my creatures that can attack VS the total power of my opponent’s creatures”.
    The PSP doesn’t have the computation power to do any good Minimax algorithm, so better go with lots of adhoc in that case…
    I recently added a basic algorithm that tries to do some statistics on “what cards are dangerous”, and make them the most likely targets of destruction spells. It’s not perfect yet, but there’s lot of improvement possibilities



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