Version 0.2.1 Released !


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  1. abrasax says:

    Great !!!!
    As a beta tester I can say that this release is much much more stable, and except some freeze in the shop be prepare to play without any crash.

    Also in the forum I will post the revised version of ICE AGE tonight (european time). This new release adds a lot of cards due to the new cards.dat coding possibilities.

    thanks for the hard work !


  2. Theredbaron says:

    This is just awesome. I loved the first Magic game on the PSP, and that didn’t even have a deck builder or an AI. I can’t wait to try this out. This will become an immediate fav if it does anywhere near as good as it seems.

  3. Elfo says:

    Thanks for the new version… I already found new bugs, going to report on forum now =)

  4. Incantus says:

    Hey Wololo,

    Very nice job. I especially like the graphical effects. Unfortunately, i don’t have a PSP (or even Windows) so I can’t try this out. By the way, how are you implementing your AI? Are you using a search algorithm?


  5. wololo says:

    Hi Incantus. I’ve discussed the AI a lot with lots of people, including some hard but realistic discussions on the incantus channel on IRC 😉
    There is no search algorithm in the AI. It is a lot of very basic computations such as “what is the total power of my creatures that can attack VS the total power of my opponent’s creatures”.
    The PSP doesn’t have the computation power to do any good Minimax algorithm, so better go with lots of adhoc in that case…
    I recently added a basic algorithm that tries to do some statistics on “what cards are dangerous”, and make them the most likely targets of destruction spells. It’s not perfect yet, but there’s lot of improvement possibilities

  1. October 22, 2009

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