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Give me homebrew !


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  1. DangerMouse says:

    Don’t let the release of PSP-3000 stop you from your homebrew support of 3.xx/4.xx! We love this game, and just because you got a psp-3000 doesn’t mean that everyone is going to jump at the chance to get one when they already have more than 1 psp phat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely looking forward to a cfw 5.0 though! ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t need skype, and I love playing with the IR of phat’s. It’s a nice prank to be able to turn peoples TV’s on and off and change channels with my psp. mwahah lol

  2. Blackthorn says:

    I have a Phat now running 5.0 CFW care of Dark Alex. There’s honestly no reason to update at all to the ‘newer’ model at all because a Phat with 5.0 pretty much ‘does it all’ anyway.

    That said, I’ve noticed the blog here is straying away from Wagic a little ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get people with older tech supporting you – don’t let them down!

    The last version released was .10 which still is plagued with bugs and stability issues.

    As a very keen gamer who’s most eager to see a good, solid and STABLE version of 1player magic on the PSP, I’d really hope that the Dev keeps a focus on this goal first before over extending himself.

    The recent talk has been about network functionality and card customisation/asthetics which I personally believe should be put on the back burner until the base version of Wagic is very stable, solid and reliable.

    If we go off on tangents here, we might see the entire project fold, or be done half arsed.

    I’d take a base version of Wagic that’s robust and reliable without the customisation / network play options over a version that tried to do it all and couldn’t nail any area completely.

    Naturally the dev will do what he does and we should most certainly be thankful he’s taken the task on hand at all – but I’d point out that this little project has gathered a base of fans and support who are eagerly waiting for a good, base product release first. Don’t let them down! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m looking very much forward to the next release (hopefully with the stability issues addressed).


  3. wololo says:

    Hey Blackthorn, I’ve had a look at the comments you posted so far, and the only one reporting a stability issue was this one :”Game locks up *very* regularly on the deck building screens.”

    If you have a look at the bugs lists, you will see that
    1) This issue was added to the bug list a while ago
    2) It is grayed, which means that I’ve been working on solving it. I actually spent the last 2 weeks working on the deck editor to make it more stable.

    So I’m definitely not letting you down here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As far as what I’m coding, it is true that everything has that “half-finished” homebrewish look, but focusing on different areas of the game every day is the best way I’ve found to keep motivated. I have a todo list huge as a dictionary, and fixing memory leaks / crashes is not the most interesting nor easy part of it…

    Edit : there will ALWAYS be stability issues with this game, don’t dream about a 100% stable release, it will never happen unless a miracle brings me a team of 5 coders from the skies, and we set up a real project.

  4. Elfo says:

    I don’t understand, you want to run homebrews without CFW? Is it possible?

    Let’s just hope that the “scene” find a way to get into psp 3000 soon…

  5. wololo says:

    I want anything that allows me to run Wagic on both my psps. CFW are the Eldorado of homebrews, but I’d be fine with something less efficient (I believe user access mode is enough for Wagic to run).
    And yes, it is possible to run homebrew without CFW, in fact, CFW are a really new thing. Back in the old days, you needed to downgrade to official firmware 1.50 to be able to run homebrews.
    If you couldn’t or wouldn’t downgrade, you had to run an eloader through an exploit in various games (GTA lcs being the famous one) and then launch your homebrews from here

  6. Blackthorn says:

    Well when’s the next release? The last one was on the 9th….

  7. wololo says:

    I hope you’re kidding…

  8. Blackthorn says:

    Nope. Peeps check back here regularly and day after day… nothing.

    Just like most other developers out there – a string of initial releases, then get caught up in big ideas without stabilising the base and the releases get fewer and fewer and fewer…

    I’m still stuck using the same old buggy 0.1.0 release.

    Like the title of this blog says : Give me homebrew!

  9. wololo says:

    Hey Blackthorn, I’m sorry to say I don’t like your attitude.
    for your information, the first alpha (version 0.0.2) took 14 months of work.
    Then the time between alpha 0.0.2 and version 0.1.0 was 2 months and a half. If you’re expecting me to do new releases every week or so, you’re mistaken.
    You keep saying version 0.1.0 is buggy, yet I haven’t received any constructive bug report from you, how do you expect me to fix your problems if you don’t talk about them ?
    If you want a new release, install VC++ and get the sources, then compile the game. If you manage to do it, I’ll open my svn to you, and you’ll have access to the latest release, every day. How does that sound ?

    Also, it goes without saying, but there’s one rule in homebrews : you don’t ask when the next release comes out.

  10. wololo says:

    I’ve tried several approaches to reply to your comment but I just can’t find the words. It is sad that you think what you think, but I guess that cannot be helped.
    You have a very bad opinion of homebrew developers (not only me), and I must say people like you are the main reason why good devs leave the PSP scene to go to much friendly places (GP32X anyone ?)

    But I guess only time will tell you if I’m one of those guys “only looking for love and support”

    Oh ,and for the record I don’t need praises from anonymous people on the internet to know I’m a good developer, and I don’t “want a name for myself”

    Edit : if by “tight, efficient and quality code” you mean 3 bugfix releases in less than 2 days ร  la M33, I’d have to disagree with you (although overall DAX’s releases are indeed fast and of very good quality). This is what happens when the devs get too much pressure from their peeps, and this is NOT the way I work.

    Please don’t post anymore unless it is constructive criticism about the game. I won’t delete your posts because I believe in freedom of speech, but you’re just making noise.

  11. wololo says:

    I see where you’re coming from, and aside the fact that you’re very arrogant I agree with you: there are lots of bad releases in the psp scene, and lots of promising stuff that never gets finished, and this is sad. 100% agreed, but you can’t blame the developers for trying. Most of the unfinished software is because of lack of interest by the public, or simply because the developer found more interesting stuff to do in life… you know, family is more important than homebrews.

    I won’t argue regarding Dark Alex’s dev skills. He’s very good at what he does, but YOU probably don’t have the required knowledge to even know if you can compare what he does to what I do. Custom firmwares are the result of years of work by several people. NOT to say than he didn’t do anything, far from that, but you cannot compare that to 1 year work of one developer alone.

    The releases pace did NOT slow down. It’s because you haven’t been here from the start that you cannot compare. As I said, version alpha took 14 months, and 0.1.0 was released 2 months after. Go back to your math books. Oh wait, there’s no point in doing statistics with 2 values !

    Unlike what you seem to think, I’m not looking for praises on the internet. I’m looking for fun stuff to program, and an interesting programming challenge.

    Again, I understand where you’re coming from, and I guess that if I read very carefully, I can see that it might be possible that your intentions are good. As I said, just wait and see. I’m not changing my development schedule for one anonymous guy on the internet. Have a look at the bugs list to see the progress, that’s all I have for you now.

  12. Szei says:

    These comments just made my day. I guess it’s just satisfying seeing an annoying, egotistic person having their arguments thoroughly ripped apart.

    For the record, I (and I’m sure countless others) thoroughly appreciate every update, bug fix, et cetera that you make for Wagic. I mean, honestly, you’re doing this all for free. No one has any right to complain.

  13. Szei says:

    Don’t take it personally.

    http://www.qj.net/To-all-the-naysayers-DaedalusX64-Beta-2-teaser-video-released-Update-/pg/49/aid/128220 <– blackthorn at it again

    On a side note, while I understand where Blackthorn’s frustration is coming from, the way he voices his opinion is uncalled for. He shouldn’t be taking it out on others. If he really is disappointed by the number of promising projects that end up dying off, he should be trying to help. I think he tricks himself into thinking he’s giving constructive criticism when in truth he just comes off as whining. Of course, all of you probably know this already.

    (Sorry for ‘double-posting’ and ‘reviving/bumping’ a dead topic… but this isn’t a forum so I don’t really think those rules apply. Well, sorry just in case.)

  14. TheKrimzonGhost says:

    This thread should be locked and closed. Even commenting back to posters of this nature empowers them…They would be left with nothing if there were no Devs.


  15. Dalton_Corazon says:

    Yeah me too ^_^ hopefully, they are still alive. Long live homebrew

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