I’ve spent two awful weeks debugging stupid stuff. Although it made me learn a lot about debugging techniques in Visual Studio, it was overall an incredible waste of time.

I still didn’t figure out what was going on on the PSP that made it randomly crash, but because it was a FPU (Floating Point Unit) Exception, I temporarily disabled FPU Exceptions. This works, but… it still means that somewhere in my code there’s a nasty division by 0 or something… oh well, doesn’t seem to have any impact on the game so…

  1. walar’s avatar

    thanks for the tip, i had a FPU exeption on PSP but not on VC, i disabled fpu exeptions and now all work fine.


  2. davidgf’s avatar

    Hey! How do you disable FPU exceptions in the PSP?


  3. wololo’s avatar


    (requires #include pspfpu.h)


  4. Qwerty’s avatar

    IS THIS THE FIRST ARTICLE????????????????



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