Coding C++ is painful. coding for the PSP is painful. Even with tools such as PSPLINK, compiling and testing takes time, especially since the PSP tends to crash a lot (previous versions of PSPLinks prevented that, but I must have done something bad with my SDK at some point…). And then you have to reboot the PSP, restart the game, and so on…

Despite my hate for Microsoft’s products, developing with VC++ eases the process a lot. I do most of my testing on windows. But it has its drawbacks. I currently struggle with memory leaks and memory corruption problems. But because Windows forgives a lot (and I have far more Ram available), these problems don’t appear on windows, only on the PSP.

So I’m back to my starting point, having to do lots of painful tests on the PSP through PSPLink…

To prevent that, I’m currently trying to use the debug libraries provided with VC++. It’s easier than I thought, and there’s lot of information on how to do it on msdn. Of course the solutions provided on the various forums I checked didn’t work for me (I guess I didn’t put the necessary includes at the correct place), but defining a macro NEW to replace new did the trick, so I now have useful memory leaks report that will help.

My problem is that I do not have only memory leaks, but memory corruption problems as well, and these ones are going to be difficult to solve :(

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    Wow that took longer than I expected…Didn’t know this site went back this far.



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