Welcome To Hell ?!

This is a blog I set up to share my progress on a homebrew game for the PSP.

The name is “Wagic, the Homebrew ?!”, a.k.a WTH?!… yeah , well, a weird name doesn’t necessary mean a bad piece of sofware, does it ?

This game enables you to play a famous card game against the computer. It hasn’t been released yet, but hopefully a beta should be ready in the weeks or months to come.

Meanwhile, enjoy the demo videos !


  1. jairo0023’s avatar

    you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. iSWORD’s avatar

    Yeah, I believe wololo’s the best !!


  3. flayer’s avatar

    wagic is the most addicting game ever.


  4. psvitaloverz’s avatar

    never got a chance to play it …:-(


    1. heyitsfalcon’s avatar

      You still can you know…


  5. Mr Magoo’s avatar

    Wow, only 3 original posts, amazing how the times have changed. U went from 3 over a 2 year span to over 500 in a matter of days. Once again, wow ( or should I say wololo!!!)


    1. Mr Magoo’s avatar

      Ok, over a year but still. Lol, along with the like button, an edit would be nice. I think I may have to start a petition on talk for the like button.



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