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Heads up: PS4 Pro is $320 on eBay.

PPSSPP Standalone released for the Switch and melonDS 0.8.3 & JIT update 5

Emulation News: The Switch gets a standalone PPSSPP port with better GTA performance, Homebrew Downloader and JIT improvements; melonDS potentially getting ARM JIT recompiler and Android port in the future

Emulating other consoles is a primary reason why we hack our devices and hacked Nintendo Switch consoles have a wealth of emulators from ones for older consoles like the SNES to relatively recent consoles...


PS4 Firmware 6.72

Sony has started pushing PS4 firmware 6.72 to PS4 consoles worldwide, a few hours ago. PS4 6.72 and hacks. Should you update? As always with such a minor release, not much is known about...

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