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PSVita/Switch Releases: Julius, Super Mario War and Jump'n'Bump released! 4

PSVita/Switch Releases: Julius, a Caesar 3 port (Vita), Jump’n’Bump (Vita/Switch) and Super Mario War 1.0 (Vita) released – You can now go back to Roman times on your Vita with its newly released Caesar III port!

Around the time of TheFlow releasing his modoru downgrading utility, various PSVita developers decided to enlarge the console’s homebrew game library to make hacking it even more worth while. This time around, we have...

PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with previous PlayStation models hinted by Sony patent filing 31

PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX systems hinted by Sony filing a patent about a method for more accurate backwards compatibility – Could the PS5 be the ultimate console that replaces almost every other home console out there?

PlayStation 5 news is quite scarce and the rumours that have surfaced didn’t shed much light on Sony’s plans for this hypothetical upcoming home console. However, something substantial about a potential PS5 has now surfaced...